Union County, Oregon — Center for Human Development (CHD) public health reports 5 new cases. This brings the total county cases in the county to 263.

The Union County Incident Management Team conducted approximately 561 COVID-19 tests in La Grande last Thursday and Friday. Due to the high volume of testing, notifications will be made as quickly as possible. Thursday testing results should be available toward the beginning of this week while tests conducted Friday may not be available until the end of the week. More information can be located here: http://neojic.union-county.org/

We would like to remind individuals who were tested that self-isolation/quarantine is necessary to lower the chance of you spreading illness. This means:

  • DO NOT attend any activities or gatherings outside your home. This includes work, school, health care, faith-based facilities, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.
  • DO NOT allow any visitors to your home.

We ask that workplaces support employees who are required to quarantine and not ask them to go to work in these situations. We encourage local employers to make it easy for people to make the choice to stay home by promoting working from home where possible, applying paid sick leave policies liberally and linking employees to any workplace resources available.

If you or anyone you know are facing sudden changes with work, income or health insurance, there is free assistance available to determine health insurance eligibility and steps to get enrolled or maintain existing coverage. Northeast Oregon Network (NEON) is offering phone appointments while practicing physical distancing for the safety of the community during the COVID-19 emergency. NEON can assist in determining what assistance and plans may fit your situation. They can be reached at (541) 910-0336 or (541) 910-5286.

People who have mild signs of COVID-19 should stay home, unless the signs of illness are serious enough they would normally seek health care. Call your health care provider before going in. Make a plan for how to be seen, while also avoiding spread of the illness to others.

Individuals who feel very ill should seek appropriate care. If it is an emergency, call 911. For information on when to seek emergency medical attention visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html. If it is not an emergency but you feel sick enough to need a medical appointment, call your primary care provider. If you don’t have a doctor, call 211 for a list of providers near you.

If you need further general information about COVID-19, please visit our webpage www.chdinc.org/covid19 or call 211.

COVID-19 Union County update 6/22/2020
Total Cases- 263
Recovered- 7
Deaths- 0

Supporting Documents:  COVID-19 Update Press Release UC Final 6-22-20 COVID-19 Update Press Release UC Final 6-22-20