The Flood Warning issued by the National Weather Service yesterday has been extended until Saturday evening for the Grande Ronde River near Perry. Moderate flooding has been forecast. The Grande Ronde River near Perry rose past the moderate flood stage (7.5 feet) overnight to a peak of 8.34 feet. As of 8:00 a.m. this morning, the river level had dropped to 7.5 feet and continues to decline. The river is forecasted to drop below minor flood stage by Friday afternoon. The decline below flood stage will occur quickly, but as the water moves down river and into the valley, additional high-water locations are expected. Local authorities would like to remind drivers to use extreme caution and to avoid driving through flooded areas. Many roadways throughout the County are exhibiting high water. It is difficult to determine depth of water on roadways, and in many cases the water may be too deep to allow for safe passage. Caution signs or road closure signs have been placed in
these known locations and drivers are advised to follow this guidance. As little as one foot of water on the roadway could move most vehicles off the road. Extreme caution should be exercised when near rivers, creeks, streams, especially in areas
affected by the February flooding. High-water levels may respond differently due to the previous flooding than what has been seen in the past