COVID-19 has created a difficult, dynamic and uncertain business environment. The pandemic is affecting everyone, in just about every industry and every part of the state. Many of you have shared your concerns about reopening, and you’re not alone in asking some pretty serious questions. When will I be allowed to reopen? Should I? Can I ensure the safety of customers and employees? What about liability? Can I even operate profitably in this new environment? If I go through all the trouble, will customers even come?
We’ve heard these concerns, we share them, and we’re here to help you address them. As you may have already heard, Governor Kate Brown recently announced Reopening Oregon, a public health framework with a process for gradually and safely reopening businesses throughout the state. While we aren’t quite there yet, we think there is opportunity now for businesses to start planning for a potential reopening, whenever that time feels right for you. Business Adaptation Training May 14
Gorge economic development staff, along with local and state business development groups, are holding a virtual Business Adaptation Training from 1 to 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 14. We’ll first walk you through the reopening framework and what the new environment means for businesses in The Gorge. Then we’ll have specialized breakout sessions for businesses in the child care, retail, restaurant, personal services and outdoor recreation sectors. These sessions are meant to be useful and practical. We’ll show you how to best adapt by changing things like workflow, customer interaction, employee scheduling, general operations and even the physical configuration of your business. Some of these changes are driven by sector guidance, and others come from industry best practices created for this pandemic. Either way, we are committed to helping you understand and adapt to this new environment. A Smart and Safe Reopening
We’re sending out sector specific guidance from the state along with this invitation. Please spend some time to familiarize yourself with this guidance prior to the event. While the guidance might be adjusted slightly in the weeks ahead, a few simple things are certain. Businesses will have to implement social distancing, sanitation, employee safety measures and public health protections in this new environment. We can help you do those things and more. We look forward to seeing (and hearing from you!) May 14.
This training is brought to you by the region’s Economic Response Team, a group of more than 50 local stakeholders convened by the Mid-Columbia Economic Development District and Oregon’s Regional Solutions Program to help The Gorge respond and recover economically to COVID-19.
Please use these links to log into your specific industry sector training immediately after the general session. You will need to log out of the general session and log back into one of the sessions below that you would like to attend. IDs, passwords, and registration should not be necessary but may be provided in case there are any technical difficulties. All sessions will be recorded and distributed to everyone after shortly the sessions.

Please Use this link for the first session starting at 1pm
General Session 1:00-2:00 PM Zoom Link Meeting ID: 991 8707 7769
Use these additional links for your specific industry sector training immediately after the first session is over Breakout Sessions 2:00-4:00 PM
Topic: Outdoor Recreation Business Adaptation Training Zoom Link Meeting ID: 792 0190 2162 Password: 9dDanq
Topic: Childcare Business Adaption Training Zoom Link Meeting ID: 812 4698 1460 Password: 122562
Topic: Personal Services Business Adaptation Training  Zoom Link Meeting ID: 864 6627 5630
Topic: Restaurants, Pubs, Brewpubs, Breweries & Wineries Business Adaptation Training  Zoom Link Meeting ID: 897 8825 2832
Topic: Retail Sector Zoom Link Meeting ID: 876 0178 1681
Topic: Non-Emergency Medical Zoom Link Meeting ID: 980 0624 8769

Fee: No Cost
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