The purpose of the TRT Grant program is to assist in the promotion or development of events or attractions that increase the economic impact of tourism in Union County. All individuals, organizations or businesses can apply for this grant if this event or project will bring tourism dollars to Union County!
  • Grants must be for Tourism Promotion or for a Tourism related facility
  • Activity must occur within Union County.
  • Activity must be open to the general public.
  • Requesting group or agency must be a government agency or not for profit organization doing business in or providing direct benefit to Union County.
  • Partnerships are favored. Projects that show cooperation or coordination with other projects or events are encouraged and will be given preference over projects that stand alone.
  • Grant recipients will be sent a report form after the event or project. The report must be filled out and returned to the Chamber within ten business days. Photos, copies of fliers or posters, promotional items, advertisements, or other evidence of project progress or completion are recommended.
If you are interested in applying please print 2020 TRT Grant Guidelines Application, fill out and return to the Union County Chamber of Commerce located on 207 Depot Street, La Grande. The 2020 Tourism Grant applications are DUE MARCH 1st.
More Grant Opportunities All Year Round
  • Union County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Cooperative Advertising Program – Applicants can request up to 50% of the cost of media advertising (print, radio, online) to promote an event, project or activity with a cap of $1,000 per year. Cooperative Advertising requests can be made at any time throughout the year!  Guidelines and Application HERE
  • Union County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Discretionary Fund Grant Program – The purpose of this grant is to assist in the promotion or development of new and emerging projects, events or attractions that occur out of cycle of the Regular Tourism Grant Program award process. Applicants may request up to $250 in discretionary funds per project or event. Discretionary Fund requests can be made any time throughout year! Guidelines and Application HERE
If you have any questions about TRT Grants and/or eligibility – please call the Union County Chamber Office at 541-963-8588!