Union County Emergency Services is continuing to collect data on the Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) associated with the flood event which occurred during the week of February 3rd, 2020. The IDA process requires several steps to complete including documenting damage to homes and private property; damage to public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sewer and water systems; impacts to business; and damages to agriculture.
The county was originally given very tight timelines for an initial report. Even though the report has been submitted to the state, we would like to ensure we have an accurate representation of the damage suffered by those affected. As a result, we are continuing to collect information. If your property suffered damages as a result of the flooding and you have not already submitted your information, you are encouraged to complete the brief online form at: http://www.union-county.org/floodreport.
The initial assessment for the damage to homes and private property category shows we are not currently meeting thresholds for federal assistance. As the county continues to collect data on individual damage we will also be focusing on damage to infrastructure including County, Cities and Special Districts. For additional information Union County Emergency Services can be reached at 541-963-1009.