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LA GRANDE, Ore., (December 26, 2019) – The Union County Chamber of Commerce has announced the 2019 1st Annual County Wide Holiday Decorating Competition winners.  This year the Chamber partnered with  John J. Howard & Associates and Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative to light up the County.  There were four categories including Best House (one selected in each of the eight incorporated communities), Union County Grand Champion House (one selected as best house in all of Union County), Best Business, Best Block/Neighborhood (up to ten houses together) and Best Town (based on the highest percentage of participating population).  Categories were judged based on theme, creativity and a sharp eye for energy efficiency – including LED lights, creative non-energy decorations, theme and overall showmanship.

This year, the following winners received a combination of award certificates, energy credit certificates from OTEC, trophies and custom ornaments (thanks to Boylan Studios & Birddog Glass and Community Merchants, both of La Grande):

Best Houses:
Cove:                                              60670 Love Road (Randall & Linda Botham)
Elgin:                                              1299 Division Street (Ronald Aiels)
Imbler:                                           250 Main Street (Glen & Karen Olsen)
Island City:                                     10712 McAllister (Kevin & Penny Hampton)
La Grande:                                     1812 Foley Street (Pete & Stacey Candlish)
North Powder:                              740 5th Street (Joseph & Marcia Maddox)
Summerville:                                 201 Highland (Lyle & Iris Mann)
Union:                                            222 W. Bryan Street (John & Norma Pepper)
Overall Union County Grand Champion: 780 Serenity Lane, Union (Jill McCraw)

Best Block/Neighborhood:                        “G” Ave & Cedar St. (600-400 blocks) (La Grande)

Best Business:                                             La Grande Country Club (Island City)

Best Town:                                                  Island City

“This was our first annual county-wide holiday decorating competition and it was a huge success,” said Suzannah Moore-Hemann, Executive Director of the Union County Chamber of Commerce. “This event gave us the opportunity to really bring together all communities within Union County in a fun, easy community-oriented way.  We are very thankful for our close partnering with John J. Howard & Associates as well as Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative to make this project happen!  For our first year we had nearly 150 total entries – and there are so many deserving houses and businesses – we could have made it rain awards with as great as people did in decorating.”

The Union County Union County Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all participants for entering this fun, friendly challenge and looks forward to an even bigger, brighter and better year in December of 2020.  It was very successful to have a scoring rubric focusing heavily on energy efficiency as well as creativity.  Pictures and the awarding ceremony to follow.  More information is available from the Chamber office (541-963-8588, Info@VisitUnionCounty.org) and on the Chamber’s website (http://visitunioncounty.org).