Kavanaugh Leaves Director Position – Still Involved With the Community

Dec 3, 2018

Dear Members,

It is with much gratitude and thankfulness that I’ve had this excellent opportunity to serve as your Executive Director for the Union County Chamber of Commerce. It’s amazing to see how much our Chamber of Commerce has accomplished in the last two years.

With that said, I have been given an opportunity I can’t turn down. As of the first of the year I will be taking on a new position with a local employer. I will remain very committed to the Chamber’s mission and vision. I will be staying on as a board member and help to finish out some large projects and initiatives, as well as helping with the Chamber’s events/banquets.

The board and I will begin recruiting immediately in hopes of finding the perfect person to take on the Executive Director position.

I’m very thankful for my experience as the Executive Director and the relationships we have built over the last two years… I feel blessed to have served such a strong board of directors and excellent office staff. As a member, you should have a lot of confidence in your local Chamber of Commerce; the right people, processes, and policies are in place to ensure a bright future for Union County.

If you are interested, or you know someone who would be an excellent fit to take on the role as Executive Director please let us know.

It’s been a privilege to have served this beautiful County we live in!

Sincerely yours,

Bob K