Exciting News from Chamber Banquet

Apr 5, 2018

The 84th Annual Union County Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet was a huge hit and we have some exciting news to share. At the Awards Banquet there were raffle items. One of which was a 1950’s Chevrolet Bel Air electric car for kids. This was donated by Goss Motors of La Grande, and they had a special surprise. Goss Motors would match, up to $1,000, the amount raised for the raffle item to a charity of the raffle winner’s choosing.

Abby Stonebreaker was the winner of the raffle item and she chose the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation to receive the charity money raised. Mollie Hulse of the Chamber and Tayde and Kyle McAndie of Goss Motors met with Abby, Patrick Flynn and the rest of the Foundation to present their new car and $840!