Tourists from All over the World

Aug 17, 2017

Being the information center for Union County, we are visited by many individuals and families for a variety of reasons. From retirees wanting to relocate, to travelers stopping on their trip to Wallowa Lake or beyond, we see people from all over the world! The picture above highlights this with our Executive Director, Bob Kavanaugh, hanging out with our new friends from Beijing, China!

Not only have we seen people from China, but all over Europe. England, France, Belgium and Switzerland have been represented in our office. Our friends from the north in Canada have visited a few times, and we have had a few people from down under in Australia.

To add to our visitors, Union County will have an exponential amount of tourists this weekend and next week with the Solar Eclipse, and I’m sure you have heard, be prepared! Have food, water, cash and extra gas at hand for the influx of people in our County!

As always, we in Union County are happy to welcome any and all visitors to our area with smiling faces! Whether they are our local neighbor or traveling from across the country, we are here to welcome everyone to Union County.